REXX Sample code and Utilities

re-Formatting a given Rexx source code using a Rexx script was available for VM-CMS (1985). A version for Personal REXX is available from Quersus Systems. A conversion from this version to Object Rexx for Windows is available here as reFormat.rex. (2004-August-27, 31 321 Bytes) (text)
REXX programs designed to fetch info from graphics files - grfxrexx remix (2003-May-16, 14 738 Bytes) (html text)
REXX cross-reference and reformat utility - Object Rexx for Windows (2003-September-21, 1 563 Bytes) (text)
Sample code to parse Comma Delimited Values (CSV) files. Tested with ORexx 2.1.2 (2003-June-29, 2 367 Bytes) (text)
Diophantine equation solver for AX + BY = C
Sample.txt (2003-September-21)
Various examples of Rexx sample code
parse_html.txt (2003-October-6)
Parse an html file
ListFav.txt (2004-March-19)
Internet Explorer Favorites to an HTML file (XHTML CSS)
REXREF3.ZIP (1995-Oct-30, 47 745 Bytes) (Quercus Systems)
REXX cross-reference and reformat utility - Personal REXX for DOS
REXXCOMM (2001-July-1, 19 424 Bytes)
REXXCOMM for OS/2 - formats comments

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