Digital photo flash card recover

One can use the following programs to recover the images from a flash card:

PC INSPECTORT smart recovery free.
Digital Image Recovery a freeware data recovery tool.
jpegdump for recovering accidentaly deleted photos on memory cards. Freeware.
PhotoRescue free recovery of non picture files.
PhotoRecovery Demo.
MediaRevival trial version.

As a rule:

Digital photo flash card erase

One procedure to clean out a card:

  1. Format it using the computer Operating System format function. Specify FAT16, use full format to recover all usable sectors (ie not fast format).
  2. Wipe the free space using Eraser (one pass with pseudorandom data). Nobody can recover the images.
  3. Format it within the camera (to set the specific camera file structure, to be sure to have the nominal write&read speed).

Card Wiper: don't use it if you are not an expert! See the warnings at the Data Rescue site. Can make cards unusable with your camera (Canon S400 for example). May work with some cameras and some cards. Doesn't work with Lexar's Firewire adapter and with some PCMCIA devices.

Eraser This free software and its source code is released under GNU General Public License.

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