Extra 2 Summary

Effect (5)
Description (Extra category in the Effects palette)
Expand Shadow and Highlight Detail Increase detail in shadows and highlights by making a mask to reduce contrast
Extract Luminosity
Extract the luminosity of an image to a new layer
Tone an image
Create a Sepia toned monochrome image
Create Sharpen Layer
Create a layer that sharpens an image
Mono Infrared
Create a monochrome Infrared image

Tools (7)
Description (Extra Tools category in the Effects palette)
Curve Adjustment Layer Warning: see Paul Shipley help for Curve Adjustment Layer
Channel Mixer Adjustment Layer
Lets you modify a color channel using a mix of the current color channels
Use Red, Green or Blue Channel
Show the image in monochrome representing the selected channel
- Use RGB Channel
- Return to normal
Add Revel All Layer Mask
Add a mask to a selected layer
- Add Hide All Layer Mask
- User: fill the added mask with Black
- Disable Layer Mask
- User: Shift+Click the layer mask thumbnail
- Enable Layer Mask
- User: Click the layer mask thumbnail
- Remove Layer Mask
- User: Drag the Mask to the Dustbin on the Layers palette
- View Layer Mask
- User: Alt+Click the layer mask thumbnail, Alt+Click again to return
- View Layer Mask in rubylith
- User: Shift+Alt+Click the layer mask thumbnail, Shift+Alt+Click again to return
Quick Mask Mode
Covers the area outside the selection with a Color overlay (50% opaque red)
- Standard Mode
- Turns off the Quick Mask

Filters (4)
Description (Extra category in the Filter palette or from the Filter menu)
Mono Channel Mixer
Mixes the RGB values to create a grayscale image
Red, Green, Blue Channel Mixer
Mix the RGB values into the specified channel

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